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Full Name: Vriska Serket

Age: 10 Alternian solar sweeps (20 human years)

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Troll

Series: Homestuck


Occupation: Shiftless bum Co-owner Assistant at Kanaya's store

Personality: Vriska does not play well with others.

Vriska is an egotistical, inconsiderate, spiteful, manipulative, insulting, all around huge bitch. But those are her good attributes: on the inside she's a self-loathing, overcompensating, paranoid, hypocritical, self-conscious, all around huge bitch. Due to her rather twisted upbringing, Vriska has a hard time feeling guilt, and when she does she normally shifts the blame to someone else. She doesn't make friends easily, and the people who she associates with all think she's a terrible person at the least - and this is by troll standards. She almost always has to be in command of the situation, and sulks when power is taken away from her. She has considerable difficulty feeling guilt, and almost never apologizes for her misdoings. Sarcasm is a well-honed skill of hers, that she utilizes when talking to pretty much anyone.

She has a hard time getting close to people, but for the people she actually loves she is rather territorial. She gets jealous easily, and is fiercely protective against any threats to her friends. Vriska CAN be caring, but it's not something that comes naturally to her. Most of the time when she does mean things, she doesn't really have mean intentions behind it - she genuinely WANTS to help out, but her massive ego and poor people skills ruin things. She's extremely determined and assertive - if she wants something, she WILL have it.

Vriska has a flair for the melodramatic, and it shows. Subtlety is foreign to her, as she speaks loudly and boomingly to all who hear with a tendency to draaaaaaaaw out her words. Her whole body works in tandem with her voice, waving and gesturing and generally wearing her emotions on her sleeve. Vriska is very imaginative, and is fond of playing role-playing games. Her character, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, is extremely powerful and not to be meddled with.

Vriska is addicted to breaking magic 8-balls. Due to the loss of her Vision Eightfold, she has resorted to using magic 8-balls as a means of predicting the future - but due to their vague and uninformative answers, she frequently ends up smashing them in frustration. This has lead to her deliberately breaking magic 8-balls as a way of letting off steam. She is obsessed with the number eight in general; when typing, she replaces the letter B and any "ate" sound with 8s. When agitated, she puts eights in places that make progressively less sense.

Vriska was a former possessor of the Vision Eightfold, allowing her the psychic ability to peer into the future. This was taken away from her as an act of justice by a certain insufferable blind ex-friend. Despite her psychic abilities being diminished, they have not totally been removed; she is still capable of controlling other people's actions via hypnosis. The amount of control she can exert over a person depends on the strength of their will - a strong-willed person can't be controlled at all, while a weak willed one can be manipulated freely.


Vriska is of above average height, with a lithe, muscular build. Her hair is very long and black, reaching down to the small of her back. Her skin is the typical gray of trolls, with the bluish tinge of her blood. She wears round glasses, with the left lens blacked out - formerly it was used as the lens through which she would focus her Vision Eightfold, but now it hides her scarred empty eye socket. A pair of horns protrude from her head; the left is in the shape of a crescent-moon, the right with a hooked protrusion. She normally wears a black tank top with a blue Scorpio symbol, a black light jacket with the left arm torn off, black jeans, and red Grubverse All-Stars sneakers. Her left arm is robotic; her original arm was also a casualty of her blind "friend"'s actions. Vriska wears blue mascara and lipstick, the color of which match her blood.


Vriska Serket was born on the planet of Alternia, a distant planet that lived and died millions of years before Earth. She was born with the distinction of blue colored blood; in troll society, this was a very desirable attribute. She lived her life in upper-class comfort, aside from being reared by a bloodthirsty giant spider whose hunger was only sated by the flesh of young trolls. On Alternia, children are raised not by parents but instead by a Lusus, a monstrous beast that functions as part parent, part pet, and part bodyguard. Vriska was forced to kill innocent trolls in order to feed her lusus. Vriska accomplished this via her favorite hobby - Extreme Role Playing, namely the game of FLARP. Under the pretenses of a FLARP session, she would purposely set her players against overpowered monsters and feed their bodies to her lusus. This came to bite her in the rear when she tried to kill one of her "friends", Tavros Nitram. Instead of killing him, she ended up paralyzing him from the legs down. This led her "friends" to attempt to avenge Tavros, and after some manipulation, a murder, and an explosion, Vriska lost her left arm, left eye, and divinatory Vision Eightfold. This did not stop her from utilizing FLARP as a means to feed her lusus, however, and the arrangement continued until one faithful day - the Sgrub incident.

Sgrub was an intricate simulation game dedicated to the construction of buildings, battle of monsters, and the eventual destruction of the home planet of the players. Due to a rather coinciding series of events and the actions of one very stupid and very angry "friend", her lusus had died. This sudden freedom from her lusus had little to no impact on her as a person, and she continued to be a sadistic jerk well into the game. The game continued on, and eventually they defeated the Black kingdom and won the game at the price of their home planet.

Left without a home, Vriska was forced to inhabit a disused laboratory located within an asteroid belt, along with her eleven "best 'friends'". Being trapped in a confining space lab with no one to interact with but people who hate her, Vriska wished desperately to escape. For four whole sweeps, she and her "friends" were trapped upon that asteroid - no members of the supposedly glorious Alternian empire seemed to be interested in rescuing the kids that destroyed their homeworld.

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